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SUP na rzekach
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Welcome to our hotel in the mountains! Piwniczna SPA&Conference Hotel is located just outside the centre of Piwniczna-Zdrój by the picturesque waterside of the River Poprad.

Our cosy resort is an example of the successful marriage between modern design and Lemko-Beskidian folklore, represented by our interiors as well as local cuisine offered by our “Black Sheep” restaurant.

The whole splendour is enhanced by luxurious furnishings, which derived from the interplay of the Subcarpathian and Lemko traditions.


There are also other aspects that make our hotel remarkably unique, such as: the diversity of the nature, well-developed mountain tourism base, numerous historic sites, convenient location and other attractions.


For any additional information you might have please see our web site for a detailed offer or contact us directly by sending an e-mail.